Wind Power Ductile Iron Casting suppliers

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Wind Power Ductile Iron Casting suppliers

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    Main gearbox Medium housing casting descriptions:
    The figure as shown is a middle box of AFD825 series, which is a ductile iron gearbox casting supplied to AVIS by our company.
    Nanjing Avis Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese enterprise specializing in maintenance service of wind turbine gearbox.
    Weight1.2 tonsdrawing No.AFD825-01-31R3

    Packaging: After being processed, it is packed with wooden pallet for preventing the machined surface from damage. White primer is applied for non-machined surface inner wall while the outer wall is coated with red primer.

    Company Entitled to self-managed import and export, we have marketed cast products in USA, Japan and Europe, etc.

    Equipments:Wind Power Ductile Iron Casting suppliers